7 - 9 November, 2019

"We really had a terrific time. The whole experience was really impressive — and all of the coordinators and student volunteers were outstanding."

Annie Zaidi

"I was so impressed with the events, the participants and the organisation of it all. I met so many interesting people and, of course, being able to visit Dhaka was a huge treat."

Ros Porter

"The experience opened many channels of thought for me. Long may the festival continue."

James Meek

"Have I ever been the benefactor of so much generosity and hospitality? I don't think so."

Adam Johnson

"The Festival is phenomenal and a huge success – I’m so impressed with its power to inform and bring on actual change for good."

Pru Rowaldson

"This was a jewel of a festival, perfectly formed. It must have called for such meticulous planning and organization."

Jaishree Misra

"The best part is, it’s a very very engaged audience. I really have enjoyed the question and answer sessions – probably one of the best I’ve had anywhere."

Nandita Das

"I also hope to never forget the sight of a senior Bengali writer being mobbed by adoring fans in Dhaka. This is where it gets real - the books, the words, their resonance in the hearts of strangers."

Annie Zaidi

Photos from DLF 2018